AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Release Date, Specifications, Price, and Benchmarks

AMD's Ryzen 6000 CPU series is coming! Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming AMD Ryzen 6000 series, including release date and price.

Before Ryzen mobile processors got introduced, laptops came with just two and on rare occasions, 4 core CPUs. Today, both Intel and AMD offer high-core CPUs with iGPUs that can actually run modern video games.

However, this jump in performance has not stopped either company from creating even faster processors.

Ryzen 6000 is AMD’s next generation of mobile processors based on a Zen 3+ architecture. This 6000 series will be exclusively laptop CPUs (for now) while the desktop series will skip this number and go straight to 7000.

These new CPUs should easily beat Tiger Lake processors and will probably compete with Intel’s 12th generation of mobile processors. Supposedly, the new blue CPUs will have up to 14 threads, so AMD must deliver a good product here.

With the information available online, whether through leaks, rumors, or official releases, we’ve created this article explaining Ryzen 6000.

Let’s see when these new CPUs will release and what we can expect from them.

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Release Date

During CES, AMD announced that Ryzen 6000 laptops should start shipping in February 2022.

Throughout the year, there will supposedly be more than two hundred different laptops models Ryzen models available. A promising launch for AMD.

Although it’s not clear whether the U-series or H-series will release first. It’s possible they will release at the same time.

AMD Silicon Roadmap
AMD’s roadmap hints at Zen3+ in 2022.

Keep in mind, these APUs may be re-released at a later date as desktop processors.

Zen 4 mobile chips may also release in 2022, but they’ll probably go under the Ryzen 7000 (or even 8000) name, so that’s for a different article.


AMD’s CES 2022 keynote did not share a lot about the next generation of desktop processors, but they certainly shared enough for Ryzen 6000.

The first impressive upgrade over the previous generation of mobile processors has to be the jump to a Zen 3+ architecture.

Both desktop and laptop Zen 3 CPUs were quite efficient, competitive, and offered good value, so getting an upgrade on that will surely bring considerable improvements.

Ryzen 6000 RDNA 2 GPU

What will make these processors even more powerful is the fact they’ll be fitted with RDNA 2 GPU. And with the success of the RX 6000 series (which is based RDNA 2), you can imagine that the iGPU will deliver legitimate gaming performance.

If you’re interested in getting a Ryzen 6000 system in 2022, take a look at this table of all the SKUs that will release.

Here’s the H-Series of Ryzen 6000 processors:

AMD ModelCores/ThreadsBase ClockMax BoostL2+L3 CacheGPU Boost Clock (Cores)Node Process TDP
Ryzen 9 6980HX8/163.3 GHz5.0 GHz20 MB2.4 GHz (12)6nm45W+
Ryzen 9 6980HS8/163.3 GHz5.0 GHz20 MB2.4 GHz (12)6nm35W
Ryzen 9 6900HX8/163.3 GHz4.9 GHz20 MB2.4 GHz (12)6nm45W+
Ryzen 9 6900HS8/163.3 GHz4.9 GHz20 MB2.4 GHz (12)6nm35W
Ryzen 7 6800H8/163.2 GHz4.7 GHz20 MB2.2 GHz (12)6nm45W
Ryzen 7 6800HS8/163.2 GHz4.7 GHz20 MB2.2 GHz (12)6nm35W
Ryzen 5 6600H6/123.3 GHz4.5 GHz19 MB1.9 GHz (6)6nm45W
Ryzen 5 6600HS6/123.3 GHz4.5 GHz19 MB1.9 GHz (6)6nm35W

Here’s the U-Series of Ryzen 6000 processors:

AMD ModelCores/ThreadsBase ClockMax Boost ClockL2+L3 CacheGPU Clock (Cores)Process NodeTDP
Ryzen 7 6800U8/162.7 GHz4.7 GHz20MB2.2 GHz (12)6nm15-28W
Ryzen 5 6600U6/122.9 GHz4.5 GHz19MB2.2 GHz (6)6nm15-28W
Ryzen 7 5825U8/162.0 GHz4.5 GHz20MB2.2 GHz (8, Vega)7nm15W
Ryzen 5 5625U6/122.3 GHz4.3 GHz19MB2.2 GHz (7, Vega)7nm15W
Ryzen 3 5425U4/82.7 GHz4.1 GHz10MB2.2 GHz (6, Vega)7nm15W


Below, you can see AMD’s slide of a Ryzen 6800U with a 12 CU RDNA 2 GPU which is considerably faster than Intel’s Intel XE iGPU in the i7-1165G7 and Nvidia’s MX450.

Ryzen 6800U RDNA 2 vs i7 1165G7 vs Geforce MX450

The iGPU in the Ryzen 6800U is up to 3 times faster in Doom Eternal than Nvidia’s MX450 and the iGPU in Intel’s i7-1165G7. That’s impressive but expected considering that the GPU will share the system’s memory which will be DDR5. More on that later.

We recommend waiting for third-party benchmarks to confirm these performance gains though.

Recently, a Rembrandt CPU was spotted in a BAPco benchmark, specifically a Ryzen 6000U in an ASUS laptop running 16GB of DDR5 RAM at 4800Mhz. Based on Wccftech, this laptop should be a successor to the ASUS Vivobook M3401 series.

The Ryzen 6000U system scored 1436 points which is about 4% faster than last year’s 5800U Vivobook laptop.

This might not seem like an overly impressive difference, but consider that this is only an engineering sample. The processor will probably receive more optimizations, as well as the laptop.

We also have some information regarding the Zen 4 mobile chips, Raphael-H, which are bound to release in 2022. These chips will probably come after Rembrandt-H and Phoenix APUs.

Ryzen 6000 CPU
Gold-plated pads on the bottom of a Ryzen 6000 CPU – image by @ExecuFix

We are not sure how all of these chips will fit in the same year or the differences between Raphael and Phoenix. We guess that Rembrandt-H CPUs will be the first on the market in 2022, followed by Raphael-H and finally by Phoenix.

Currently, leakers believe that Raphael-H CPUs might come without a graphics solution, while Phoenix APUs will have a powerful iGPU.

Allegedly, Raphael-H CPUs are going to be 65W+ while Phoenix APUs will stay under 45W.

Take this with a pinch of salt because it is all based on a leak by @greymon55.

DDR5 Memory, PCIe 4.0, USB 4 And More

Usually, iGPUs borrow the system’s RAM to use it as VRAM. So, faster RAM means faster GPU performance.

In the case of Ryzen 6000, the RDNA 2 iGPU will use DDR5 memory. DDR5 as we already know is still quite new, but also faster than DDR4, with the potential to be even faster as time goes by.

LPDDR5 could even go up to 6,400 MT/s. To put that into perspective, the highest LPDDR4X speed is around 4,200 MT/s.

Ryzen 6000 new USB RAM and PCIE features

DDR5 isn’t the only thing we’ll see on Ryzen 6000. New Ryzen laptops will come with PCIe 4.0 for faster storage speeds. Yes, this is one generation older than PCIe which already comes with Alder Lake CPUs and will be introduced with Ryzen 7000, but gen 4 is more than enough for laptops.

USB transfer speeds are also getting a big upgrade (up to 40 Gbps) by moving over to USB 4.0.

Ryzen 6000 mobile chip


The pricing for these processors depends entirely on laptop manufacturers. But, since there are so many different Ryzen 6000 SKUs, we’ll probably see laptops at almost all price points.

Everything from budget gaming laptops to high-end gaming laptops with Ryzen 9 6900HX, to high-end ultra-light laptops with Ryzen 7 6800U.

By looking at previous generation laptops, prices can start anywhere from $350 and can go $1500+.

As new laptops get released, we’ll update this article to share some good options you should consider buying.

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