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CPU Ninja is the ultimate resource for computer processors. Founded in 2021, we help hundreds of thousands of people each month learn about CPUs and find the right processor to power their needs.

We cover everything from CPU basics like clock speed, cores, sockets, and more to how they work with different types of software applications (like video editing or gaming).

Our Mission

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There aren’t any other trusted sources dedicated to processors so for this reason, CPU Ninja was founded. You don’t want to be the one buying a processor just before a new generation arrives.

We provide original reporting on CPU news, guides and resources.

CPU Ninja is part of a larger network that mainly consists of tech-related websites as this is our specialty.

We don’t serve any ads or have any affiliate partnerships. All of our articles are free to read and use. If you find it good, please share it to spread the word about CPU Ninja.

All prices listed on this site are United States dollars.

Who We Are

We are tech enthusiasts and data science students. All of the information we provide can be trusted as it is written by competent authors. Furthermore, the information is checked and verified by our editor who is a computer science engineer with almost a decade of experience working for IBM.

The internet is a big place and you can quickly run into outdated or false information. We’re here to help you avoid that.

With our team’s extensive knowledge in the tech and computer industry and all the freely available tips and guides on our site, you’re set up for a very good reading experience.

Who We Serve

We serve you, our dear reader!

Tech is always evolving and so are processors. The processor is the brain of any PC so it’s important that you make the right choice.

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