How Many CPU Cores Do You Need?

How Many CPU Core  Do You Need

How many CPU cores do you even need today? How many is enough for your use case? Here is the ultimate guide to help you pick the right CPU.

What Is CPU Cache? (L1, L2, And L3 Cache)

What Is CPU Cache L1 L2 L3

What is CPU cache and what does L1 cache, L2 cache and L3 cache mean? How important is CPU cache when choosing a new CPU? Here’s the ultimate guide.

Why Is Chrome Using So Much CPU?

Why Is Chrome Using So Much CPU

It’s not secret that Chrome is very resource-heavy. Here is a super simple guide to help you make Google Chrome use less CPU.

What Is A CPU?

What Is A CPU

What is a CPU and what do all the terms related to CPUs such as core count, clock speed and generation mean? Here is the ultimate guide to processors.

AIO vs Air Cooler – Which Is Best?

AIO vs Air Cooler

Should you get an AIO cooler or an air cooler to cool down your CPU? Here is the ultimate guide to help you decide which is best for you.

The Best CPU Benchmarking Software For 2021

The Best CPU Benchmarking Software

In the ever-changing world of CPUs, you definitely need to benchmark and test them. Here’s a guide to the best CPU benchmarking software available.

CPU vs. GPU – What Is The Difference?

CPU Vs GPU – What Is The Difference

What is the difference between a CPU and GPU? Which one should you prioritize more and what does the future hold? Here is the ultimate guide.

What CPU Do I Have?

What CPU Do I Have

How do you find out which CPU you have? It’s pretty easy to determine which processor you have on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Here is a guide.