The Best Dual CPU Motherboards

Best Dual CPU Motherboards

Some motherboards allow you to install two processors at the same time. Here are the best dual CPU motherboards to get right now.

What Is CPU Bottlenecking?

What Is CPU Bottlenecking

Do you suspect that your processor is bottlenecking the rest of your PC? Here’s everything you need to know about CPU bottlenecking and how to fix it.

The Best CPU Temperatures For Gaming

Best CPU Temperatures For Gaming

Wondering what temperature that your CPU needs to be when you’re gaming? Here’s the ultimate guide about CPU temperatures for different processors.

The Best Thermal Paste (2023 Reviews)

Best Thermal Paste

Every CPU needs some good thermal paste, otherwise you’re going to have a bad time. Here are the best thermal pastes that you can get right now.

The Best CPU Coolers (2023 Reviews)

Best CPU Coolers

Every PC build needs a CPU and that CPU deservices some proper cooling! It allows you to increase the performance of your PC. Here are the best CPU coolers.

The Best CPU Overclocking Software For 2023

Best CPU Overclocking Software

You can overclock your CPU and unlock more performance with ease using the best CPU overclocking software that show show you in this list.

New CPUs: Current Market Status

New CPU  Current Market Statu

Check out the current state of desktop and laptop CPUs as well as everything you need to know about upcoming CPUs in this ultimate, updated guide.

Why Is Chrome Using So Much CPU?

Why Is Chrome Using So Much CPU

It’s not secret that Chrome is very resource-heavy. Here is a super simple guide to help you make Google Chrome use less CPU.

The Best Ryzen CPUs (2023 Reviews)

Best Ryzen CPUs

It’s no secret that AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are powerful and easily on par or even beat Intel’s offering. Here are the best AMD Ryzen CPUs for gaming and more.

Fix: CPU Overheating

Fix CPU Overheating

Is your CPU overheating? Here all possible solutions to this common issue. Learn how to cool down your CPU with these easy solutions!

What Is A CPU?

What Is A CPU

What is a CPU and what do all the terms related to CPUs such as core count, clock speed and generation mean? Here is the ultimate guide to processors.

Is CPU Water Cooling Worth It?

Is CPU Water Cooling Worth It?

Most people opt for water cooling to control their PC’s heat output. So, if you’re wondering if CPU water cooling is worth it, this guide is for you.

How To Upgrade A CPU

How To Upgrade A CPU

Not satisfied with your current CPU? Here’s a simple guide on how to upgrade a CPU or processor and get a better and faster PC!

Is A Dual CPU Motherboard Worth It?

Is A Dual CPU Motherboard Worth It

Some motherboards allow for multiple CPUs to be installed at the same time. Is a dual-CPU motherboard worth it, though? Let’s find out.

CPU vs APU – What Is The Difference?


This guide explains the difference between a CPU (central processing unit) and an APU (accelerated processing unit) in simple layman’s terms.

How To Undervolt Your CPU

How To Undervolt Your CPU

Undervolting your CPU is no easy task. This guide shows you exactly how to undervolt your processor so it uses less power.

The Best CPUs (2023 Reviews)

Best CPUs

Looking for a new CPU but not sure which one to get? Need one for your gaming PC or one for your workstation perhaps? Here are the best CPUs for everyone.